Grilled Shrimp Tacos

I really liked this recipe. It is easy, quick, and delish! This makes for a great combo after a busy day! Don wasn't gaga over it - he liked it, but he would have preferred to have some rice with it.  Honestly, he could eat rice 24/7! Unlucky for him I am not as big a fan of rice as he is... Don't get me wrong I like rice, but it kinda ruins a recipe I classify as easy and quick. It takes too much time to cook and it means another pan to clean - no thank you! There was no pan to clean with this meal and I wanted to keep it that way!

I pretty much made this recipe as stated except I didn't grill the shrimp for several reasons, but the most important one was TS Debby! The weather has truly been gloomy for DAYS! The wind was whipping so much today - I thought the rockers on the porch were going to take flight!

So how did I make the shrimp you ask??  I broiled them - easy peasy! I lined a baking sheet with foil (double line for an even easier clean-up) and put all the shrimp on there. Then I brushed them with the marinade and broiled them for 3 mins - moved them around a bit and broiled them for 3 mins more.  DONE! and no pan to clean because I just rolled up the foil and tossed it!  My kinda clean-up!  Remember when broiling to leave your oven door ajar or you will burn those little shrimps and that would be sad!

 Note: The Publix where I shop does not carry the Dole Salad Kits, but I did find it at Winn Dixie

Another great shrimp recipe to try is found on my friend's blog - The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch: New Orleans BBQ Shrimp


  1. Wow, did someone say S.H.R.I.M.P?? You have my full attention. Your flavor-layer is fantastic in this recipe. Making this one for sure!! #shrimp #tacos #trainerapproved

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Have a super day! ~Marion


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